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An Maintainable Structure is an abstract term for any structure which is a top level container of information, i.e a Maintianable structure is maintained inside any other structure. An example is a Codelist which is a Maintainable structure, and a Code which is not Maintainable as it is maintained as an artefact inside its parent Codelist.

A Maintanable structure is both Identifiable and Nameable, it also must contain a reference to the Agency that is responsible for maintaining it.

Maintainable Properties

Property Mandatory Description
Id Yes Identifier - Inherited from Identifiable
URN Yes Unique Identifier - Inherited from Identifiable
Name Yes Human readable name, multilingual supported - Inherited from Nameable
Description No Human readable description , multilingual supported - Inherited from Nameable
Agency Id Yes The organisation responsible for the creation of, and ongoing maintenance of this structure
Version Yes The version of this structure
Valid From No If applicable, the date from which this structure was valid. See Time Formats
Valid To No If applicable, the date from which this structure was no longer valid. See Time Formats
Is Final No Indicates there will be no major changes to this structure

Maintainable Structures

The following lists all the maintainable structures which the Fusion Registry supports. Note, some of these structures are not part of the SDMX Specification. Structures which are part of the SDMX specification are indicated in the SDMX Version column which is used to indicate which version of SDMX the structure was introduced in. For non-SDMX structures the entry in this column is N/A.

Maintainable Type SDMX Version UI Support Description
Agency Scheme 1.0 Yes List of Agencies (every Maintainable type is owned by ONE Agency)
Data Provider Scheme 2.0 Yes List of Data Providers (a Data Provider report data)
Data Consumer Scheme 2.0 Yes List of Data Consumers - used for authorisation to resources
Data Structure Definition 2.0 Yes Defines the structure of a Dataset
Dataflow 2.0 Yes Defines a data ‘topic’ for collection or dissemination
Category Scheme 2.0 Yes List of Categories, can be hierarchical, typically used to categorise datasets
Categorisation 2.0 Yes Links a Category to ANY other Identifiable Structure (e.g Category to a Dataflow)
Codelist 1.0 Yes List of Codes (e.g Country Codelist)
Concept Scheme 1.0 Yes List of Concepts (used by Data Structures, Metadata Structures)
Hierarchical Codelist 2.0 Yes Enables construction of one or more Code Hierarchies (view on top of Codelists)
Metadata Structure 2.0 Yes Defines the structure of a Metadata Report
Metadataflow 2.0 No Defines a metadata ‘topic’ for collection or dissemination
Structure Set 2.0 Yes Container for mapping between structures (Codelist Map, Dataflow Map)
Content Constraint 2.0 Yes Defines restrictions on Codelists or Series for Data Reporting
Attachment Constraint 2.0 No
Provision Agreement 2.0 Yes Links a Data Provider to a Dataflow for Data Reporting
Process 2.0 No