SDMX Time Formats

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Time Formats

SDMX has a list of valid representations for time based on the ISO-8601 standard. These representaions should be used when reporting time series data, if Frequency is also reported, then the reported frequency should match the reported time value.

The valid time values are

Frequency ID Frequency Format Example
A Annual YYYY 2010
S Semester (half year) YYYY-Sn 2010-S1
T Trimester YYYY-Tn 2010-T1
Q Quarterly YYYY-Qn 2010-Q1
M Monthly YYYY-MM 2010-01
D Daily YYYY-MM-DD 2010-01-01
H Hour YYYY-MM-DDThh 2010-01-01T13
I Date Time YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss 2010-01-01T20:22:00