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The Fusion Registry Knowledge Base

Statistical data management software for official statistics using SDMX

Fusion Registry 10

Fusion Registry 10 is for central banks, international organisations, national statistics offices, development banks and regional statistics authorities who need to collect, integrate, store, process and publish aggregated official statistics.

It implements the SDMX international standard for official statistics making it robust, non-proprietary and easy to exchange both data and metadata.

Version 10.0 was released in January 2020 and replaces Fusion Registry 9.


Fusion Registry Topics

Structural Metadata Detailed explanations of the main SDMX structural metadata artefacts
How To Guidance on specific tasks using Fusion Registry
Behaviours Answers to 'What happens when...?' questions
Components and Modules Components and modules reference
Functions Reference Features and functions reference
Data Formats A description of supported Data Formats
Security Authentication and Authorisation Features
Web Services Registry Web Services
Glossary of Terms Glossary of SDMX and Fusion Registry terminology

Fusion Edge Server

Fusion Edge Server is a solution for supporting high performance data and metadata dissemination, with high throughput. The Fusion Edge Server serves all data, related metadata, including reference metadata, from its highly optimised in memory store and as such has no reliance on a database. The Fusion Edge Server has been designed to support the use case of high availability of data through load balancing. Fusion Edge Server provides access to its stored data and metadata through SDMX compliant web services, and includes support for non-SDMX data formats such as CSV and Excel. The Fusion Edge Server extends the SDMX web services by providing additional information such as data metrics, and data search.

Fusion Edge Server is compatible with Fusion Data Browser and Fusion XL, providing an off-the-shelf solution for both web based data exploration, and from within Microsoft Excel. Connectivity to statistical software such as R and Matlab can be achieved using third party SDMX Connector libraries such as the SDMX Connectors project.

Installation How to Install Fusion Edge Server
Configuration Reference Configuration of the Fusion Edge Server
Functions Reference Features and functions reference

Fusion Data Browser Topics

Fusion Data Browser is a HTML and JavaScript client side web application which provides a user interface for querying, graphing, and exporting data from a Fusion Registry or Fusion Edge Server.

Live Demo running against data from the Registry Demo Server.

Installation How to Install/Deploy the Data Browser
Configuration Reference Configuration of the Browser, Charts, and Series
Functions Reference Features and functions reference