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Version 3.0.0 - Released 30 May 2022


[FXL-164] - Browse Data function removed (replaced by the separate FXLData add in)

[FXL-165] - Publish Data function removed

Version 2.6.5 - Released 18 May 2022

Bug Fixes

[FXL-163] - Create data frequency picker incorrectly displays 'M' - Monthly as N' - Minutely

Version 2.6.4 - Released 20 April 2022

Bug Fixes

[FXL-162] - Clear ribbon cache after login

Version 2.6.3 - Released 19 April 2022

Bug Fixes

[FXL-160] - Support Sub Agency in Structure Menu (required FR 11.0.0 or FMR 11.1.3)

[FXL-161] - Support @ symbol in structure ID in Structure Menu (required FR 11.0.0 or FMR 11.1.3)

Version 2.6.2 - Released O4 March 2022

Bug Fixes

[FXL-159] - Dataset info, validation results and Create Dataset help fail to display in specific environments

Version 2.6.1 - Released 07 February 2022


[FXL-157] - Create Dataset - Options added to fix dimension and attribute values, set default observation attribute values, include / exclude optional attributes, save the settings

[FXL-156] - Dataset cell colouring removed to improve legibility - all cells are now black with Bold indicating a component is mandatory

Bug Fixes

[FXL-155] - Structure search reports 'subscript out of range' if the search returns no results

Version 2.5.0 - Released 04 August 2021


[FXL-152] - Data Author Helper - Improved support for non coded attributes

Bug Fixes

[FXL-150] - Data Author Helper - focus incorrectly moves to the first component in the series when the helper is opened

[FXL-151] - Data Author Helper - uncoded observation attributes - insert button should be disabled until a time period is chosen

Version 2.4.0 - Released 12 July 2021


[FXL-149] - Data Author Helper - open data author helper to the selected dimension or component

[FXL-148] - Data Author Helper - allow filtering of all codelists regardless of size

[FXL-147] - Data Author Helper - open helper on demand rather than automatically when creating a data set

Bug Fixes

[FXL-146] - Data Author Helper - Leading zeros are incorrectly removed from numeric codes when added to the data sheet

[FXL-145] - Data Author Helper - Occasional run-time errors

[FXL-144] - Data Author Helper - Subscript out of range error when filtering for values that do not exist

Version 2.3 - Released 12 Dec 2020

New Feature [FXL-139] -Support FXLData function in worksheet to pull specific cubes of data

Version 2.2.5 - Released 26 Feb 2019

New Feature
[FXL-108] - Browse Data is not working against v9.4 (double slash in path)


[FXL-109] - Remove any double slash in url

Version 2.2.4 - Released 09 Sept 2017

[FXL-82] Create Structure button not working for Codelists

Version 2.2.3 - Released 11 July 2017

[FXL-79] Unable to perform data query when only 1 series exists for dataset

[FXL-77] FusionXL and type Double when using different locale from server

[FXL-76] FusionXL crashes Excel if cannot connect to the registry

Version 2.2.2 - Released 13 November 2016

StructureURN added to header of dataset message

Version 2.2.1 - Released 13th October 2016

[FXL-55] - Data Author Helper - No Support for Non-Coded Attributes/Dimensions

[FXL-66] - Load Dataset - does not allow any further actions (Validate, Transform, Publish)

[FXL-68] - Agency with '_' in Id breaks structure and data explorere

Version 2.2 - Released 11th October 2016

[FXL-14] - 1970-12-31 reports strange date format

[FXL-37] - Data Author: Helper Truncates at 300 codes

[FXL-51] - Remove Support for Create Structure Set

[FXL-52] - Data Explorer Dataset Details - Script Error

[FXL-54] - Data Explorer - Data View does not work

[FXL-56] - Data Set Author Helper - Set Default Obs Attributes

[FXL-59] - Data Validation Errors - Unstyled

[FXL-60] - Show Graphs Button To be Removed

[FXL-62] - Ensure extension is xml when export SDMX.

[FXL-63] - Data Author - Prepopulate values if no options

[FXL-64] - Cancel Export file, still create a file named "False".