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Web tool for data consumers to explore the Fusion Registry data catalogue, create charts and tables, and download data.

Fusion Data Browser is a web application suitable for both internal and external data consumers to search and explore the catalogue of datasets, select series and cubes of interest, build visualisations using tables and charts, and retrieve selected data in a variety of formats including SDMX, Excel and CSV.

It can connect either directly to a Fusion Registry Core engine for internal applications, or a Fusion Edge Server cluster for public dissemination use cases.


Key Use Cases

  • Data discovery tool for internal statistics and data science teams
  • Advanced data discovery and analytics tool for external public data consumers


Application Type Web Client (HTML, JavaScript and CSS)
User Interface Web
Technology Standard web technology
Compatible platforms Standard web browsers including Chrome, Edge and Firefox
Minimum operating configuration The minimim list of components required to deploy the Fusion Data Browser are:

The Fusion Data Browser distribution files (HTML, JavaScript, CSS and properties files)
Web Server (e.g. Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Microsoft IIS)

Configuration maintenance Configuration is defined and maintained using textual properties files
Configuration storage Textual properties files


Fusion Data Browser
Data discovery Users can explore the catalogue of datasets using a configurable tree hierarchy
Free-text search Search the data catalogue for series matching key words
Multi-dimensional query builder Choose sub-cubes from datasets by picking values for each dimension
Saved queries Save queries for later use
Series basket Create baskets of series from any of the datasets for later analysis or download
Pivot table Visualise selected series as an interactive pivot table
Time series charts Visualise selected series as time series line charts
Bar, pie, pyramid and other charts Visualise selected series using a range of other chart types
Series frequency conversion Convert selected series to a different frequency, or normalise a list of series to the same frequency
Calculate measures Calculate measures such as % change
Export data Export data in a range of formats including CSV, Excel and SDMX formats
Sharable and embeddable charts and tables Generate a link to share or embed charts and tables

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