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Changelog for Fusion Registry Version 10

Recommended Tomcat Setup Guide:

Version 10.9.7 (Future Release Not Yet Available)

[RFS-422] - Updated third-party dependencies
[RELEASEMGT-23411]- Addressed issue where deleting an artefact that does not exist, the system returns HTTP 500 instead of expected 404

Version 10.9.6 (Released: 2024/02/21)

Bug Fix:
[RF-50] - Prevent permanent 'Locked' files from persisting in the temporary directory

Version 10.9.5 (Released: 2024/01/18)

[FR-5170] - Update Vulnerable Third-Party Dependencies
[FR-5173] - Prevent Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) requests from Registry front page

[FR-5159] - Load Data from URL no longer supports any schemes other than "http" or "https"
[FR-5171] - Prevent Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack on Data Load Page
[FR-5172] - Distribution of default Tomcat file "context.xml" with sameSiteCookies set to "strict"

Version 10.9.4 (Released: 2023/10/25)

[FR-5155] - Allow TIME_PERIOD mappings to be performed
[FR-5163] - Update vulnerable third-party dependencies
[FR-5166] - System Property to permit Hierarchical Codelists to be output using "Alias Ref" form

Bug Fixes:
[FR-5162] - "Test Mapping" does not work in the UI when there is a Dataflow mapping
[FR-5164] - Prevent EDI from producing blank series
[FR-5165] - FusionXL - Problem loading XLSX in Browse Registry
[FR-5167] - In a Generated Reporting Template permit format modification on Observation Cells

Version 10.9.3 (Released: 2023/06/23)

[FR-5157] - Update vulnerable third-party dependencies

Bug fix:
[FR-5156] - Validating Generic Data can result in IllegalElement error

Version 10.9.2 (Released: 2023/02/28)

[FR-5154] - SDMX-ML Hierarchical codelist output should be a consistent format

Version 10.9.1 (Released: 2023/01/23)

[FR-5153] - Removal of redundant code

Version 10.9.0 (Released: 2023/01/06)

[FR-5151] - Removal of Alertify, JsColor and MySql Connector

[FR-5152] - Updated further third-party dependencies

Version 10.8.10 (Released: 2022/11/04)

Bug fix:
[FR-5150] - Allow a v2.0 message to use a v2.1 half yearly TIME_PERIOD formatting

Version 10.8.9 (Released: 2022/08/31)

Bug fix:
[FR-5148] - SQL Server does not delete temporary tables

Version 10.8.8 (Released: 2022/08/10)

Bug fix:
[FR-5144] - Issue loading data into SQL Server in Registry managed table

Version 10.8.7 (Released: 2022/07/15)

[FR-5142] - Improve constraint validation performance with Groups in dataset
Bug fix:
[FR-5144] - Issue loading data into SQL Server in Registry managed table

Version 10.8.6 (Released: 2022/05/26)

[FR-5136] - New REST API arguments to control SDMX Header values -
[DEV-1223] - Updated third-party dependencies

Version 10.8.5 (Released: 2022/05/11)

[DEV-1195] - Updated Spring, log4j and slf4j dependencies
[DEV-1222]- Setting to specify group name when processing EDI data files

Bug fixes:
[DEV-1195] - Corrected issue with OpenLDAP
[FMR-181] - Address issue with loading external entity from malicious Excel file

Version 10.8.4 (Released: 2022/01/07)

[FR-5084] - FusionXL 'createdataset' web Service - added an additional parameter to specify the maximum number of codes to return for each component

Bug fixes:
[FR-5087] - Specifying a Custom Content Type throws a NullPointerException
[FR-5083] - FusionXL 'createdataset' Web Service - typed attributes without constraints (e.g. max len) missing the fixed / default value in the output
[FR-5082] - FusionXL 'createdataset' Web Service - request ignored to fix values for uncoded series attributes
[FR-5079] - SDMX CSV: Series Key can contain unescaped commas if uncoded dimension used in series
[FR-5078] - Reserve Proxy Mapping page: Unable to set values

Version 10.8.3 (Released: 2021/11/19)

Bug fixes:
[FR-5075] - Fusion Cache is not honouring property "only when used with "includeMetrics"

Version 10.8.2 (Released: 2021/11/17)

Bug fixes:
[FR-5074] - Fusion Cache is not honouring "includeMetrics" value

Version (Patch Released: 2021/11/16)

[FR-5142] - Improve constraint validation performance with Groups in dataset (Added to Version 10.8.7)

Version 10.8.1 (Released: 2021/06/08)

[FR-5066] - Carriage Returns in Constraint Values should be ignored

Bug fixes:
[FR-5069] - Fixed inconsistencies in the structure cache

Version 10.8.0 (Released: 2021/11/08)

New Features:
[FR-5064] - Support fusion cache for structure web service
[FR-5053] - HTTP Forward Proxy support in Fusion Registry
[FR-5037] - JNDI database connection support

[FR-5065] - Improve performance of constraint data validator with series constraints using plus operator

[FR-5063] - Allow specification of Kafka behaviour on Registry Startup

[FR-5060] - Add additional parameters to "Create Dataset" Web Service to allow for Fixed Values and Attribute Exclusion

[FR-5058] - Data Portal page to include more information on Dataflow

[FR-5056] - Add SDMX 3.0 schemas to Fusion Registry

[FR-5061] - Limit Registry to only generate first 1000 structure items for Fusion XL

Bug fixes:
[FR-5055] - Fusion Cache not purging when Data is provided

[FR-5054] - On Data Source Manager page, broken Javascript can be displayed in error box

Version 10.7.8 (Released: 2021/10/16)

Bug fixes:
[FR-5051] - Constraints not being applied correctly

[FR-5050] - Login dialog should not be displayed in error box

Version 10.7.7 (Released: 2021/10/14)

[FR-5049] - Reporting Template - Read Obs Attributes when no Observation Value reported

[FR-5048] - Stack Trace not produced for Structure and Data queries that provide no results

Version 10.7.6 (Released: 2021/10/08)

[FR-5047] - Allow Cube Region Constraints to restrict on the Time Series

[FR-5046] - Add Wildcards support to Content Constraints

[FR-5044] - Update vulnerable Spring dependencies

[FR-5043] - Registry CPU usage is higher than expected when using a cache

[FR-5035] - Re-assigning Dataflow reference to DSD should check constraints

Version 10.7.5 (Released: 2021/08/24)

[FR-5019] - Add additional parameters to "Generate Template" Web Service to allow for Fixed Values and Attribute Exclusion

[FR-5039] - Add support for "dot" delimiter to Series Constraint Wizard

Bug Fixes:

[FR-5021] - Add Support for Querying for a Single Hierarchy in an HCL

[FR-5022] - "Valid To" Validity Code does not set date correctly

[FR-5023] - Entering invalid dates on Step 2 of the Codelist Wizard hangs the User Interface

[FR-5024] - Bad SQL error when running MERGE statement on SQL Server

[FR-5025] - Value List Wizard Step 3 table rendering incorrectly

[FR-5033] - NPE thrown during startup when checking database cache

[FR-5034] - Registry Error Dialog can execute scripts which can lead to XSS attacks

[FR-5036] - Quieten Stack Trace when "illegal" Contact ID specified in EDI file

[FR-5038] - Ensure Data Deletion Methods trigger synchronization for Load Balanced Registries

Version 10.7.4 (Released: 2021/07/30)


[FR-5017] - Add functionality so that Oracle may be used as a "Registry Managed" Database

Bug Fix:
[FR-5018] - Correct Transaction ID generated on Kafka notification

Version 10.7.3 (Released: 2021/06/26)

Bug Fix:
[FR-5011] - Ensure the CORS setting is set to fully permissive when the Install Wizard starts

Version 10.7.2 (Released: 2021/05/27)

Bug Fix:
[FR-5006] - Web Service data query builder UI - Sub-Format selection not working

Version 10.7.1 (Released: 2021/05/21)

[FR-5003] - Web Services Data page: for CSV output add new drop-down for selecting ID and / or Name

Bug Fixes:
[FR-5004] - Kafka Structure Producer page, message detail drop-down not set correctly

Version 10.7.0 (Released: 2021/05/11)

[DEV-113] - Update of third-party dependencies

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4997] - EDI Writer only writes a maximum of 3 contacts
[FR-4998] - Generated OBS_KEY in SDMX-CSV output incorrectly when no obs
[FR-4999] - Environmental Sync is unable to resolve Codelists which extend other Codelists
[FR-5000] - Comparing ContentConstraints does not give correct report
[FR-5001] - Comparing ReportingTemplates does not give correct report

New Feature:
[FR-4842] - Support for RDF formats dropped

Version 10.6.13 (Released: 2021/04/23)

New Feature:
[FR-4993] - Support the creation of the series attribute TIME_FORMAT from an EDI file

[FR-4984] - Mapping should be allowed to be applied to multiple datasets if they refer to the same dataset

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4980] - Codelist Wizard - adding a validity period caused Show CSV button to become inactive
[FR-4981] - Attempting to convert data file with multiple datatsets to SDMX CSV throws error
[FR-4982] - Unable to specify a DSD Dimension as both Coded and with restriction of Year
[FR-4986] - Enumerations of GregorianYearMonth are not present when viewing DSD
[FR-4988] - SDMX CSV file contains rows of different lengths
[FR-4989] - Group Level Attributes Lost in SDMX CSV
[FR-4990] - Dataset Level Attributes Lost writing to SDMX CSV
[FR-4992] - Allow Excel-TS to honour values from Admin Setting "XLSX Format"
[FR-4994] - Enumerated Items should not have DateTime and Time as Data Format options
[FR-4995] - GregorianYearMonth is not shown when viewing the DSD

Version 10.6.12 (Released: 2021/04/14)

[FR-4977] - Option to send structures as stubs on Kafka
[FR-4979] - Data Validation new Option to supply the Sender Id

[FR-4978] - SDMX CSV validation: output DataSetId should be the Dataflow ID value

Version 10.6.11 (Released: 2021/04/01)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4972] - Comparing Reporting Constraints does not show differences
[FR-4973] - Reporting Template - trailing white-space on HEX value causes obs attributes reported using colour to be missed

Version 10.6.10 (Released: 2021/03/26)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4971] - Environment Sync - Version information on Item list set to 1.0 when maintainable parent is not 1.0

Version 10.6.9 (Released: 2021/03/24)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4967] - Environment Sync - Javascript error when connecting to endpoint

Version 10.6.8 (Released: 2021/03/14)

[FR-4964] - Tableau - Chunk Data to support higher volumes

Version 10.6.7 (Released: 2021/02/24)

[FR-4936] - Improve performance of import into Fusion Data Store wrt. merging into existing series
[FR-4933] - Ensure collections are thread safe on data import process

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4937] - Ensure stream is not closed when loading file from UI which is subsequently imported

Version 10.6.6 (Released: 2021/02/17)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4930] - Structure compare service can report structures are the same if the cross references differ
[FR-4929] - Validation Scheme Step 3 ignores a number as the Output value
[FR-4928] - Changing Dataflow does not update Valid Calculations on Dataset Details page
[FR-4927] - Unable to load a generated dataset if the OBS_VAL dimension has been changed
[FR-4926] - Validation Rules Wizard displays data tables error on Step 2

Version 10.6.5 (Released: 2021/02/15)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4923] - A colon ":" should always follow deptId, even when it's empty
[FR-4922] - AD Group Change is not reflected in structure/data access permissions (caching issue)
[FR-4920] - Handle Large Loads in Reporting Constraint UI
[FR-4916] - Loading SDMX 1.0 Concept Schemes, the Concepts have incorrect URNs
[FR-4915] - Bulk Export download of illegal EDI structures do not clearly report the error
[FR-4914] - Compare view not showing correct values for master and target
[FR-4913] - Hierarchical CodeList does not update when order of hierarchy changed
[FR-4910] - Extend EDI Lenience to Codelists and Concept Schemes
[FR-4909] - DatasetID should be output in a Data Load when the input is CSV

[FR-4919] - Modification of a Maintainable should occur in 2 Transactions
[FR-4918] - Fix Issues in Transaction Web Services
[FR-4917] - Add "keys" and "action" parameter to SDMX CSV Web Service request

Version 10.6.4 (Released: 2021/01/15)

New Feature:
[FR-4903] - Support application of security rules on mapped data query

[FR-4904] - Change Kafka Service to allow status to be Publicly Available

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4907] - Saving a DSD with a non-standard Measure Dimension prevents the DSD from being subsequently edited
[FR-4906] - Requesting an SDMX file which cannot be described in SDMX throws an error

Version 10.6.3 (Released: 2020/12/23)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4893] - Activity -> Structure Submissions page show a spinner if item selected in table and user not logged in

Version 10.6.2 (Released: 2020/12/22)

Bug Fixes:
[Fr-4891] - NPE on startup when extended Codelist no longer exists

Version 10.6.1 (Released: 2020/12/14)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4884] - DSD Wizard issues with re-assigning Time Dimension

Version 10.6.0 (Released: 2020/12/11)

New Features:
[FR-4863] - Kafka - add email user on forced producer termination \(when fatal error occurs\)
[FR-4861] - Kafka - support filter structures from notification by structure type
[FR-4860] - Kafka - record notificaiton status against registry transaction status. Restart structure producer from last tx.
[FR-4859] - Kafka - support all connection properties when defining kafka server connection

[FR-4865] - Kaka - improve the test connection feature
[FR-4864] - Kafka - Terminate structure producer on fatel error
[FR-4862] - Kafka - Do not flush all structures on startup or kafka configuration change

[FR-4877] - Tableau - split time period column into 2 columns \(start period and end period\)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4879] - Schema Generation: Group Type does not match standards
[FR-4867] - UI delete and add TIME_PERIOD Concept with different Id causes Dimension to be misclassified
[FR-4866] - DSD Measure can be lost when updating structure

Version 10.5.10 (Released: 2020/11/29)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4841] - Subscribe to structural changes error message is empty
[FR-4840] - Loading an EDI file which has invalid values returns a 500 rather than throwing a FormatSpecific Error
[FR-4837] - Ensure CSV Dump honours double quotes around values containing commas
[FR-4830] - Outputting JSON data with Annotations can result in a -1 being returned

Version 10.5.8 (Released: 2020/11/16)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4787] - EDI File containing no department ID in CTA block cannot be validated
[FR-4788] - Dataset ID is not copied to outputted SDMX JSON
[FR-4789] - Activity -> Structure Submission Page - Compare button: nothing happens when clicked
[FR-4790] - If a user with no permissions is created, attempting to log on results in a Stack Trace on the screen
[FR-4792] - Unable to create a Dynamic DSD Attribute with multiple component inputs
[FR-4793] - EDI files are being created with message identity blocks greater than 35 characters and these are not erroring when read back in

Version 10.5.7 (Released: 2020/10/29)

[FR-4780] - The Registry can unify monthly data so reading and writing comes out in a consistent fashion

Bug Fix:
[FR-4771] - Temporary file not cleared away after reading Excel file

Version 10.5.6 (Released: 2020/10/21)

New Features:
[FR-4766] - csv-ts support exlcudeHeader, excludeBreakdown, and includeSeries parameters
[FR-4767] - Inmplement completecube REST data query parameter
[FR-4768] - REST - normalise frequency support first in period and last in period functions

[FR-4770] - Add support to Fusion CSV to load a CSV file declaring Dimensions and measure dimensions only

Version 10.5.5 (Released: 2020/10/15)

New Feature:
[FR-4753] - Registry now has option to clean up temporary directory on startup

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4759] - Header ID can be incorrectly longer than 10 characters
[FR-4761] - Format 'CSV Dump' does not work from the browser in the manner intended
[FR-4762] - Unable to publish Fusion CSV from Command Line
[FR-4763] - CTA Segment should only be output in EDI if it is valid

[FR-4755] - New Web Service to allow users to 'Close' loaded Data

Version 10.5.4 (Released: 2020/10/05)

[FR-4732] - Adding Error Codes to Fusion Registry Validation Response
[FR-4748] - Support Loading of Fusion CSV Data
[FR-4750] - Report errors in EDI attribute validation more clearly
Bug Fixes:
[FR-4731] - InputStreams being incorrectly left open
[FR-4733] - Temporary files being created and not cleared away
[FR-4749] - POST requests ending with a slash prevent POST operation from completing successfully
[FR-4751] - CTA Segment not being output when data requested in EDI format
[FR-4752] - Lower case Dimension ids cause data query issue due to incorrect assignment of database columns

Version 10.5.3 (Released: 2020/09/16)

[FR-4730] - Enforce that the EDI FNS block is followed by the correct value

Bug Fix:
[FR-4727] - Ensure logout after install of Fusion Registry

Version 10.5.1 (Released: 2020/09/14)

New Features:
[FR-4712] - Format of Code IDs can be restricted for a Codelist
[FR-4714] - Support new REST query filters to perform Aggregation, Interpolation, New Measures, Frequency Conversion, Round
[FR-4715] - REST Data Query: Support Explicit inclusion/exclusion of specific attributes
[FR-4717] - New Data Format: CSV DUMP

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4707] - Structure Map - Value Map with Regular expression rejected as expression exceeds max length of Component
[FR-4709] - Unify Rest API VND Headers
[FR-4713] - Data Query - Accept-Encoding: identity intermittent HTTP 500 error on Tomcat 7.x
[FR-4718] - Issue with format conversion to EDI when an observation level attribute is the only content of an observation
[FR-4720] - Reverse engineer Structure Map from Excel file - do not create source to target mapping if no mapping rules exist and the mapping is not implicit

Version 10.4.9 (Released: 2020/09/01)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4701] - Codelist Wizard: re-ordering codes loses non-English languages for those codes
[FR-4702] - Codelist Wizard Step 4, clicking outside of the pop-up window dismisses window and reverts user changes
[FR-4703] - Saving a CSV Locale with 'no value' for the Group Separator value fails
[FR-4704] - StaxReader keeping InputStream open preventing temp file deletion
[FR-4705] - Codelist Wizard Step 4 - Show CSV does not honour languages correctly
[FR-4706] - Concept Scheme Wizard Step 4 - Show CSV does not honour languages correctly

Version 10.4.8 (Released: 2020/08/24)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4694] - SQL Server issue with single external database table with FR_UPDATED_DATE
[FR-4695] - SQL Server does not permit tables which start with numerics
[FR-4696] - Output in Excel-Table format does not display observation when date has time period included
[FR-4698] - Data Provider Constraint linked to Dimension which no longer exists causes registry startup to fail

Version 10.4.7 (Released: 2020/08/14)

New Feature:
[FR-4689] - Data Validation - support multiple structure references on header to inditify which Dataflows or Provisions to use in validation when multiple datasets are in file
[FR-4686] - Ensure Edge Server can not include structures with broken references
[FR-4687] - Improve performance of Oracle and Sql Server data queries which include both firstN and lastN observations in query
[FR-4688] - Remove 'zombie structures' from registry content, enable users to export or delete via a separate API
[FR-4692] - Give joined dataset a meaningful Id (concat of joined dataflows)
[FR-4685] - EDI - observations not included in output when a series is written which has a start date earlier then any previous series of the same freequency, AND an end date later then any series of the same frequency
[FR-4690] - Loading DSD in XLSX format does not create a Group when no Dimensions attach to it
[FR-4691] - Data query parameters from POST queries does not pass details (i.e dataonly) to data format

Version 10.4.6 (Released: 2020/08/12)

New Features:
[FR-4673] - New parameter on Data Conversion to Merge Datasets
[FR-4677] - New data format: Fusion-Excel-TS
[FR-4683] - New data format: Fusion-Excel-Series
[FR-4684] - New data format Fusion-Excel-Table
Bug Fixes:
[FR-4674] - SDMX 2.0 data incorrectly stating KeyFamilyURI is an invalid attribute
[FR-4681] - Change Id of a structure prevents Datasets from being deleted from Registry
[FR-4682] - Data query which join 2 datasets does not merge 2 different codelists for the same dimension

Version 10.4.5 (Released: 2020/07/30)

New Features:
[FR-4666] - Add SSL support to Kafka connection
[FR-4670] - Add a System Property to ignore EDI Agency checks

[FR-4303] - Kafka Connection Configuration - support multiple hosts

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4664] - Null pointer when saving a DSD with only 1 measure which does not have Id of OBS_VALUE

Version 10.4.4 (Released: 2020/07/25)

[FR-4660] - Support Quarterly and Half-Yearly formats in SDMX 1.0
[FR-4661] - Upgrade Excel to Structure Map creator to support Fusion Data Mapper v1.1.0

Version 10.4.3 (Released: 2020/07/20)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4658] - EDI DSI block should not be permitted to be longer than 18 characters

[FR-4657] - Addition of Multi-Lingual format to FUSION-CSV

Version 10.4.2 (Released: 2020/07/17)

New Features:
[FR-4623] - Reporting Template: Hierarchy in row, codes with no data which have child codes with data to be displayed as a presentation node
[FR-4640] - Reporting Template Wrap text if it exceeds 'n' characters

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4655] - Install page of Fusion Registry - entering an invalid server URL completes the installation
[FR-4656] - Unable to specify space as locale Group Separator on CSV Locale page

Version 10.4.1 (Released: 2020/07/14)

New Features:
[FR-4617] - Excel Reporting Template: Support Instruction sheets
[FR-4653] - Create property allowing DSI field in EDI file to be resolved to a Dataflow

[FR-4652] - Report Templates: Conditional Colour on Attributes - make optional (opt in)

Version 10.4.0 (Released: 2020/07/09)

New Features:
[FR-4618] - Excel Reporting Template: Support series attribute reporting
[FR-4621] - Excel Reporting Template: Conditional formatting of the observation value based on the confidentiality value entered by the reporter

[FR-4632] - Improve Export Structures modal to warn if structures will not be exported in chosen format
[FR-4639] - Enhancement to calculation and interpretation of EDI DSI segment

[FR-4625] - EDI and Dataset Header

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4468] - Provision Agreement – default linked data source should be ‘none’.
[FR-4469] - Mapped Data Store – turn off label Fusion Store Cache for Data Essentials.
[FR-4523] - Updating a DSD with optional Observation Attribute causes Index Out Of Bounds error if data already exists
[FR-4624] - IndexOutOfBounds can be thrown by validating data file
[FR-4626] - SDMXJsonDataReaderEngine is not correctly parsing observations when data file has groups
[FR-4629] - fusion-json data writer series keys only failure
[FR-4630] - JSON Data Writer output of multiple datasets causes JSON error
[FR-4631] - Changing the ID of a structure does not allow it to be obtained by ETag
[FR-4633] - Reporting Template - universe of series miscalculation when including a excluded series constraint with wildcards
[FR-4637] - Cannot Modify Role Mappings

Version 10.3.9 (Released: 2020/06/20)

New Features:
[FR-4608] - CSV - Series per Column, support output of attributes
[FR-4616] - Excel Reporting Template: Display of Codes and Description in the same field
[FR-4619] - Excel Reporting Templates: Protect the workbook so users cannot change the name of the worksheets or add/delete new worksheets

[FR-4549] - Add 'Reference Partial' option to the export modal on bulk actions
[FR-4604] - Improve performance of create Partial Lists

[FR-4610] - Rename CSV format to csv-series
[FR-4615] - Excel Reporting Template: Do not use color on attributes section

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4605] - CSV format (series per column) does not support hebrew characters
[FR-4607] - SDMX JSON - Unknown Attributes at the Series Level should throw an error
[FR-4612] - Half-Yearly issue error in Data handling
[FR-4613] - Issues with Monthly format and SDMX 2.1

Version 10.3.8 (Released: 2020/06/12)

New Feature:
[FR-4597] - Web Service for Modifying and Obtaining System Properties

[FR-4581] - Add support for Groups in SDMX CSV
[FR-4587] - SDMX JSON Does not support the writing of Groups
[FR-4588] - SDMX JSON Does not support the reading of Groups
[FR-4590] - Issues with Monthly format and SDMX 2.0

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4504] - Removed "Table Names" button does from Link Provision modal
[FR-4554] - When editing DSD, unable to change OBS_VALUE to another agency
[FR-4584] - EDI issue - FNS block must be followed by a REL
[FR-4589] - Old CSV format requires trailing commas when observation values not present
[FR-4596] - Recursive loop on reindex when 2 provisions linked to the same mapped dataflow
[FR-4598] - Ensure SDMX JSON and SDMX CSV do not support the 1 digit week format
[FR-4599] - Creating Schema can throw Null Pointer Exception

Version 10.3.7 (Released: 2020/06/02)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4555] - CSV Flat format does not support trailing commas

[FR-4579] - Enhance the RSS feed to list URLs of added, modified and deleted structures
[FR-4580] - Improved performance in EDI Data Reader

Version 10.3.6 (Released: 2020/05/24)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4524] - Weekly format incorrect for single digit weeks
[FR-4525] - Converting an SDMX Delete message to EDI retains the CDV sections
[FR-4526] - Transforming data files with multiple Datasets should set the header action correctly
[FR-4527] - Converting file should create Group Type of SiblingType
[FR-4535] - Converting file to EDI loses Weekly Data
[FR-4537] - Ensure Generic Data Readers are version independant
[FR-4545] - Support SDMX Dates for Monthly format with the "M" character

Version 10.3.5 (Released: 2020/05/15)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4516] - EDI Delete message - reports "value is too short" when attribute value not present
[FR-4517] - Empty IDE block following NAD+MS should not be treated as an error

Version 10.3.4 (Released: 2020/05/13)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-3281] - Organisations tab - Data Providers not properly sorted
[FR-4495] - JSON data file returning Format Specific error rather than Representation Error
[FR-4496] - Format Specific Errors should not all be at Dataset Level
[FR-4497] - EDI data file returning Format Specific Error rather than Representation error
[FR-4508] - Validation Service should return a 400 when supplied DSD is unknown
[FR-4510] - Role Mappings Organisations should be sorted alphabetically
[FR-4513] - Memory leak when generating Reporting Templates
[FR-4515] - Series Constraint Wizard - step 2 - requires the ability to select multiple Provision Agreements

[FR-4511] - Change VND Header for EDI to be consistent with SDMX structure and data syntax
[FR-4512] - Order Excel Report Template Colors in Legend by Codelist Code order

Version 10.3.3 (Released: 2020/05/07)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4495] - JSON data file returning Format Specific error rather than Representation Error
[FR-4501] - gracefully handle startup failures due to missing internal references
[FR-4502] - Database Error: OptimisticLockException on delete maintainable operation
[FR-4506] - Intermittent import failure

Version 10.3.1 (Released: 2020/05/04)

New Features:
[FR-4472] - Mapping: Support creation of TIME_PERIOD value from source series data where source data has no Time Dimension
[FR-4477] - Allow HTTP Read Timeout duration to be viewed and modified via UI
[FR-4478] - Allow HTTP Connect Timeout duration to be viewed and modified via UI
[FR-4460] - View and modify User-Agent used in HTTP Requests from the Registry via the User Interface

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4474] - Editing a DSD can cause Series and Group information to be lost
[FR-4479] - Hierarchical Codelist fusion-json level incorrectly outputs number, not the level Id that is referenced
[FR-4401] - Validation service: Duplicate attribute values
[FR-4458] - FormatSpecificError expected when reading CSV file
[FR-4461] - JSON: Unknown Attribute at the Observation level should throw Structure Error
[FR-4400] - EDI: Fix to reading of characters which fall outside of the Ascii range
[FR-4459] - EDI: TimePeriodFormat exception should be thrown when analysing attributes
[FR-4462] - EDI: Extra FNS segment causes issues
[FR-4463] - EDI: No IDE segment following the ARR one
[FR-4464] - EDI: Data segment allowed in Attributes section
[FR-4465] - SDMX-CSV data loaded via User Interface as Data Format: CSV with No DSD selected can cause Dataflow lookup error when enclosed in double quotes
[FR-4466] - Unable to load SDMX-CSV via UI when explicit DSD is selected
[FR-4467] - Data files with Weekly frequency can fail to be processed by the Registry
[FR-4471] - CSV - format conversion service is failing due to BOM issue
[FR-4470] - JSON: Format conversion issue - dataset attributes are dropped when converting to JSON data format
[FR-4475] - JSON: Representation error expected due to facet violation but no error thrown
[FR-4480] - SDMX-JSON Hierarchical Codelist Level reference should be by URN - currently it is by Id
[FR-4483] - User unable to create DSD when using "Reverse Engineer DSD from CSV Dataset" due to unclear Error
[FR-4487] - Bug in legacy mode (sdmx-json=fusion-json) for Reference Metadata
[FR-4488] - Bug in legacy mode for availability API
[FR-4482] - REST API references=all is returning descendants of parent structures, should only be children
[FR-4489] - REST API -with Fusion Store: 'offset' parameter used in conjuntion with 'max' parmaeter, is not honoured when 'lastNObservations' is included in query

Version 10.3.0 (Released: 2020/04/22)

New Features:
[FR-4378] - REST API - Support path parameter: allowedconstraint
[FR-4379] - REST API - Support path parameter: allowedconstraint
[FR-4380] - REST API - Support query parameter: allcompletestubs
[FR-4381] - REST API - Support query parameter: referencecompletestubs
[FR-4394] - Exporting a DSD to EDI - support feature to enforce Primary Measure [1]
[FR-4409] - EDI Lenient mode - allow DSDs to be read and written with uncoded dimensions [2]
[FR-4408] - Add Value list to Bulk Export

[FR-4214] - Add 'Export SDMX-ML' button to structure pages
[FR-4411] - Improve performance of cross reference resolution
[FR-4416] - Fusion-CSVTS output date frequencies in a predictable order (highest frequency first)
[FR-4269] - Do not validate mandatory attributes and ignore empty reported values when the dataset is action DELETE

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4268] - Converting Data - timeFormat = "normalized" - should always return time in ISO 8601
[FR-4292] - HCL Wizard formal Levels, resave causes error in level ID
[FR-4391] - Default value for version not respected in SDMX 2.1 dataset - structure reference is changed to latest version (should be 1.0)
[FR-4392] - IDE segment should only be used to look up DataStructrure (previously defaulted to Dataflow if a match was found)
[FR-4393] - Regression - Data validation for Representation missing from on Group attributes
[FR-4395] - Generic 2.0 files must permit "DataSet" attribute to be in namespace "Generic"
[FR-4399] - EDI: Uncoded Attribute Values must be checked to ensure they are valid EDI characters
[FR-4407] - WS Structure Query - Value List is not on dropdown
[FR-4412] - REST API Delete Method does not support non-SDMX structures
[FR-4413] - Content Security Data Rules broken JavaScript
[FR-4420] - Value List - Export to Excel (from VL Page) not working
[FR-4422] - Value List - Annotations - Post add - Page not found
[FR-4423] - View Provision Agreement - Spinner does not disappear (intermittent)
[FR-4426] - Constraints - Cube - Wizard step 1 Validity Rules label does not align with other labels
[FR-4430] - View Meta Data Report broken
[FR-4436] - Bulk Actions - remove redundant publish (non-draft) option
[FR-4441] - referencepartial to treat constraint references as a union, not intersection
[FR-4448] - Reference Metadata against a data key - linked to a deleted dataflow causes edge server build to fail
[FR-4449] - EDI Delete messages should throw an error if they contain observations or observation attributes
[FR-4453] - Constraint Wizard - edit constraint to add new attachment and remove another results in server side error
[FR-4454] - Illegal Value in EDI contact not reported correctly
[FR-4455] - Supplying an invalid DataStructure in EDI header causes a NullPointerException
[FR-4456] - converting a version 1.0 dataset to a version 2.0 keeps the action as Update (should convert to replace)

Version 10.2.2 (Released: 2020/04/04)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4373] - EDI CTA segment should throw error if Contact Name contains invalid characters
[FR-4376] - Display name and Username in AD and LDAP is wrong
[FR-4377] - Fusion-CSV-TS does not escape all commas in free text strings
[FR-4386] - SDMX-JSON structures - some keys are the wrong case with respect to the schema
[FR-4397] - SDMX-JSON syntax error on contact names, departments, and roles on Organisations
[FR-4372] - Series Constraint wizard breaks for Provision Agreement constraint

Version 10.2.1 (Released: 2020/03/30)

New Feature
[FR-4369] - Support Constraints against Value List

[FR-4363] - Throw HTTP 406 (Not Acceptable) if a structure query explicitly requests the response in a format which is understood but not supported by any structures in the output

[FR-4361] - Simplify install wizard

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4295] - UI - Dataset Details page - View data button should only view the data for the currently selected dataset
[FR-4344] - Validate SDMX-JSON data not reporting error with missing Sender ID
[FR-4349] - Unable to save a DSD with a Primary Measure which uses a Value List for one of the Components
[FR-4350] - Unable to create a DSD when there is no concept with OBS_VALUE in the Registry
[FR-4351] - Primary Measure has incorrect URN with new DSD built through UI Wizard
[FR-4352] - EDI - report error when writing output with unsupported characters
[FR-4354] - EDI file - CTA segment should not restrict contact-id and contact-name to be of IDType
[FR-4358] - Server error when modifying report template from having an Attribute in a worksheet to becoming a fixed attribute
[FR-4359] - Client side issue - unable to modify Report template Attribute from being included in worksheet to having a fixed value
[FR-4360] - export with included reference metadata can cause publication to Edge server to fail
[FR-4362] - Do not output EDI structures with non-1.0 versions, or references to structures with non-1.0 versions, as they are not compatible with the EDI specification
[FR-4365] - structure query, implement references=organisationscheme, currently returns HTTP 400
[FR-4366] - structure query, references=all does not return children of parents

Version 10.2.0 (Released: 2020/03/18)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4315] - EDI issue: Missing REL segment after FNS+Attributes is not detected
[FR-4317] - EDI issue: FTX segments should not be present in EDI deletion messages but no error reported
[FR-4318] - EDI issue: CSV segments should not be present in EDI deletion messages but no error reported

New Feature
[FR-3302] - DSD Changes: Support zero to many measures - as per SDMX 3.0 working specification
[FR-4276] - Bulk Download offers SDMX-JSON in addition to Fusion-JSON as a format
[FR-4312] - Add button to UI to enable a user to create a Report Template with existing data
[FR-4336] - Support Enumeration of items which can have non-SDMX valid IDs (Value List)
[FR-4337] - Reverse Engineer DSD from CSV Dataset

[FR-4324] - Performance Improvements for Data Convert
[FR-4331] - Show the Hierarchical Codelist Agency/ID/Version of available Hierarchies in Validation Rules Wizard

[FR-4321] - EDI to treat DSI as Dataflow Identifier on Data Read
[FR-4322] - Report Template vnd header - if Data Provider Id is supplied and Ageny is not, default Agency to SDMX
[FR-4329] - Remove formula embedded in Report Templates (replaced with checking table)

Version 10.1.0 (Released: 2020/03/09)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4267] - Environment Sync Not working when pushing to registry < 10
[FR-4270] - EDI time formats are not set correctly when using EDIDataReader
[FR-4290] - Changes to the authentication service are not being retained when changed to NONE

[FR-4263] - Reporting Template Worksheets to be built from a Dataflow as oppose to a Content Constraint

New Features
[FR-3300] - Excel Reporting Templates Client-Side Validation
[FR-4276] - Bulk Download offers SDMX-JSON in addition to Fusion-JSON as a format
[FR-3305] - Populate an Excel Reporting Template from an SDMX Data File

Version 10.0.3 (Released: 2020/02/14)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4224] - Can not convert data to JSON format when no dataflow selected
[FR-4225] - "304 Not Modified" no longer being returned when header includes "If-Modified-Since"
[FR-4226] - Issue with reading SDMX-CSV with very large datasets
[FR-4228] - ByteOrderMark (BOM UTF8) preventing CSV read
[FR-4238] - SDMX JSON should report error when attribute indexes are wrong

[FR-4227] - Sdmx JSON meta tag needs to have required node of "sender"

Version 10.0.2 (Released: 2020/02/04)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4215] - Enable a dataflow mapping to be saved which is linked to a database, even if there is no data available

Version 10.0.1 (Released: 2020/02/03)

Bug Fixes:
[FR-4205] - ws/fusion/info/product web service to include link for current user details

Version 10.0.0 (Released: 2020/01/31)

New Features:
[FR-3502] - New Web Data Browser - stand alone web tool for data search, visualisation and analysis.
[FR-2879] - full support for the official SDMX-JSON 1.0 standard
[FR-4114] - AD role mappings CSV import and export
[FR-3304] - Codelist inheritance
[FR-4115] - External table name mapping
[FR-4029] - CORS policy improvements
[FR-3946] - Stronger AES256 encryption
[FR-4025] - SDMX ‘availability’ queries
[FR-3561] - Kafka integration – Fusion Registry producer for structural metadata (including Kerberos integration for security)
[FR-4159] - Change the ID and Agency of existing structures
[FR-4086] - Auto-link provision agreements on mapped datastore
[FR-4072] - Secondary level caching for External SQL datastores, and mapped Dataflows
[FR-4099] - Environment Synchronisation accepts user log in allowing it to work with private or content-restricted registries
[FR-4032] - REST API enhancement to limit the series returned from a data query using ‘max’ and ‘offset’ parameters
[FR-4045] - REST API enhancement first ‘n’ and last ‘n’ observations support for external read-only database data sources
[FR-4068] - REST API enhancement to join multiple datasets with a POST query
[FR-4041] - Support Fusion Registry login from third party applications via the REST API without a redirect
[FR-3967] - Active Directory configuration custom search filter

Removed Features:
[FR-4139] - Remove: Draft structures
[FR-4081] - Remove: In-memory structures storage