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The Primary Measure as defined by the EDI standard should always be AN..15 (an alpha numeric value up to 15 characters in length).

When creating an EDI format of a Data Structure Definition, the Primary Measure will be output as defined by the Data Structure. So a Primary Measure could be a value which does not conform to the EDI standard, thus the generated EDI file may not be compliant to the standard.

Enabling EDI Enforce Primary Measure Mode

To enable the mode that for all Data Structures output in EDI format, that the Primary Measure will be AN..15, a Java System variable needs to be specifed "edi.enforce.primarymeasure.enabled" which must be set to "true". This is supplied via the -D parameter -Dedi.enforce.primarymeasure.enabled=true

When using Apache Tomcat, the simplest way to perform this is by modifying the setenv.bat or setenv.sh file. To illustrate this:

SET JAVA_OPTS=-Dedi.enforce.primarymeasure.enabled=true (For Windows systems)

export JAVA_OPTS=-Dedi.enforce.primarymeasure.enabled=true (For Unix systems)