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High-performance data dissemination server.

A light-weight SDMX data and metadata REST API server designed to be deployed in clusters in the DMZ or at the network edge for scalable, fault-tolerant public data dissemination use cases.

A typical configuration consists of a private Fusion Registry Core installation and a cluster of between two and four Fusion Edge Servers that drive the actual dissemination services such as web data portals and public APIs. Data is published for dissemination by exporting a ZIP file from the Fusion Registry Core containing all of the data and structures. The ZIP file is pushed to each of the Fusion Edge Servers using any suitable means like FTP or WebDAV. On receipt, the Edge Servers load the new data and start serving it, either immediately or at a defined time.

No database is required.
Once primed with data, Fusion Edge Servers are completely autonomous requiring no connection back through the firewall to services on the private network.

Key Use Cases

  • Driving public dissemination services


Application Type Server
User Interface No user interface
API SDMX-compliant REST API with proprietary extensions, compatible with that provided by the Fusion Registry Core Data API Example
Technology Java web application
Compatible platforms Linux, Windows, Mac and other platforms supporting a Java web runtime environment
Minimum operating configuration The minimim list of components required to deploy a Fusion Edge Server are:

The Fusion Registry web app (WAR file)
Java Runtime Environment
Java web application server (for instance Apache Tomcat)

Content storage Filesystem
Configuration maintenance Configuration is defined and maintained using textual properties files
Configuration storage Textual properties files


Fusion Edge Server
SDMX REST API Read only SDMX-compliant API for structures and data
Embargo New data can be uploaded at any time but will only go live when the specified embargo date / time arrives

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