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The Fusion Edge Server Directory contains the edgeserver.properties file used to configure the web application. In addition it can be used to contain the Environment zip file if running in static mode. If Auditing is enabled, the Audit logs will be written to a subfolder in this directory (see here for more on Auditing). Caching and other temporary files will also be written to a subfolder in this Directory.

Default Edge Server Directory Location

The location of the Fusion Edge Server Directory defaults to:

<user home>/MetadataTechnology/FusionEdgeServer

On a Windows 10 Operating System this will typically be:

C:\users\<your user name>\MetadataTechnology\FusionEdgeServer

On a Unix Operating System, the likely location is:

/home/<your user name>/MetadataTechnology/FusionEdgeServer

Custom Edge Server Directory Location

The location of the Edge Server Directory can be changed by supplying a Java System variable to the JVM on tomcat launch.

The easiest way to achieve this is to create a new file named setenv.bat (or setenv.sh on Unix environments) and place it in the Tomcat bin directory. The contents of this file should state the full location of the properties directory which should be in the appropriate format for your operating system.

An example of setenv.bat

SET JAVA_OPTS=-DEdgeServerDir=c:/dir/MyDirectory

(For Windows systems)

An example of setenv.sh

export JAVA_OPTS=-DEdgeServerDir =/dir/MyDirectory

(For Unix systems)

Note: Fusion Edge Server will NOT start if this value is incorrect or if this directory cannot be written to.