Codelist and Concept Scheme Maps - Structural Metadata Management

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Concept Scheme Maps are almost identical to a Codelist Map, except that the mapping is performed between two Concept Schemes as oppose to two Codelists. The remainder of this section refers to Codelist Maps, however all statements hold true for a Concept Scheme map.

Codelist Maps are used to map Codes from one Codelist to another. This relationship between two Codelists can be used when mapping between Dataflows or Data Structures (see Data Structure and Dataflow Maps). This information may also be used for reference or processing from external applications.

Codelist&Concept Scheme 1.jpg

Codelist Map Wizard

The Codelist Map wizard includes the first generic step for information.

The second step of the wizard is to pick a source and target Codelist, this defines which two Codelists will be mapped. To pick (or edit) a source or target Codelist, click in the input box and a pop up window will appear showing all the Codelists in the system, allowing one of them to be selected.

The third step allows Code mapping information to be imported from CSV. This step is optional if Manual Mapping is preferred (step 4) then this can be used.

The CSV is expected to have 2 entries per line, one for the source Code Id, and one for the target Code Id. This is shown in the image below.

Codelist&Concept Scheme 2.jpg

Figure 1 showing step 3 of the Codelist Map Wizard

The final step allows codes to be manually mapped to the source code. To manually map a code, select the source code, the current Target and a list of Available targets will be presented, as shown in the image below. On selecting an available target, it can be moved to be a target by clicking on the left arrow. Current Targets can be moved into the Available target by clicking on the right arrow.

Codelist&Concept Scheme 3.jpg

Figure 2 showing step 4 of the Codelist Map Wizard