Pre-Defined Queries - Structural Metadata Management

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This is not available in Version 11.

A Pre-Defined query is stored in the Fusion Registry as an SDMX Content Constraint. In SDMX the Content Constraint can be used to define allowable content (see section Reporting Constraints) or to define data present. The latter type of Content Constraint has been termed Pre-Defined Query in the Fusion Registry. The creation of a Pre-Defined query follows the same steps as a Reporting Constraint, with the exception that the constrained structure must be a Dataflow.

The view of the Pre-Defined Query is the same as the Reporting Constraint, with the additional feature of being able to run the query.

PreDefined Queries 1.jpg

Figure 1 showing the view of a Pre-Defined Query, with the Run Query button in the details header

Running the query loads the browse data page with the Codes pre-selected based on the Pre-Defined Query definition.

PreDefined Queries 2.jpg

Figure 1 showing the resultant data table after running the Pre-Defined Query above