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Organisations are used to define ownership of structures or data, allow users to report data, and in the case of a private Fusion Metadata Registry Organisations provide users with the ability to access Registry content to view.

Organisations include:

  • Agencies: An Agency is responsible for owning structures in the Registry. Each structure in the Registry must be owned by an Agency.
  • Data Providers: A Data Provider is responsible for loading data or registering the URL of where data can be obtained.
  • Data Consumers: A Data Consumer can log into the Registry; however, they have no special access beyond being able to use the user interface. When a Registry is running in public mode, a Data Consumer has no extra privileges. When a Registry is running in private mode, access is restricted to authenticated users only. In this condition, a Data Consumer will have access to browsing the content of the Registry via the Web Service only.

Organisation Wizard

The Organisation Wizard contains 2 steps. Step 1 is the general details step.

Step 1

Step 2 allows for the provision of information about Contacts.

Step 2