FXLData Refreshable Worksheet

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Refreshable Excel Worksheet

The FXLData Refreshable Worksheet is an Excel file which, when opened, loads the data from the web service. The data is not saved in the worksheet, instead it saves the data query and executes it on demand. This enables the data to be dynamically refreshed on open, and on request.

This data format requires the FXLData plugin for Microsoft Excel to be installed.

To export a dataset in this format, simply create an SDMX Data Query and add the Query Parameer:


Example: https://demo.metadatatechnology.com/FusionRegistry/sdmx/v2/data/dataflow/BIS/WS_SPP/1.0/?c%5BREF_AREA%5D=5R&format=excel-refresh&labels=both

The underlying format passed from server to client is Fusion-CSV-TS, and as such any parameters available to Fusion-CSV-TS are available in this format.