Edi DataGroup Identifier

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When processing an EDI data file, the EDI standard mandates that the group name of the DSD referenced by the data file has the group name of "Sibling". This option allows the group name to be a different value.


There are two values that "edi.datagroup.identifier" can be set to: either a single asterisk (*) or an explicit group name.

If edi.datagroup.identifier is set to the value of an asterisk, then the group name from the DSD that is being used for validation or transformation will be used. A DSD that has the Group name of "Group" would normally error when supplied with an EDI file. If edi.datagroup.identifier is set to asterisk, then no error will occur and a transformed data file will output groups as the group name of "Group"

By setting edi.datagroup.identifier to an explicit value, then that is the group name that will always be used. A DSD that has the Group name of "Group" would not error if edi.datagroup.identifier is set to "Group".

Setting the EDI Data Group

To set this value, the Registry must be started and a Java System variable called "edi.datagroup.identifier" must be specified and set to the appropriate value. This is supplied via the -D parameter thus: -Dedi.datagroup.identifier=*

This value can also be set via the System Properties Web Service.