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By default, reading an EDI data file does not convert the TIME_FORMAT into an attribute in the output data file, however an option exists in Fusion Registry to perform this. To enable this behaviour the system property "edi.forceTimeFormatSeriesAttr.enabled" needs to be specified and the Data Structure must have a series attribute with the id of "TIME_FORMAT".

If both of these conditions are met, then the EDI values are converted in the following manner:

Time Format EDI Value ISO Format
Yearly 602 / 702 P1Y
Half Yearly 604 / 704 P6M
Quarterly 608 / 708 P3M
Monthly 610 / 710 P1M
Weekly 616 / 716 P1W
Daily 101 / 102 P1D
Minutely 201 / 203 PT1M