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The representation of a Concept or Component defines the set of legal values.

There are two different representation types:

Enumerated A discrete list of values defined by a Codelist
Non-Enumerated Fundamental data types including.

There are several different representations in SDMX-ML, taken from XML Schemas and common programming languages. These are listed below:

SDMX-ML Data Type 

  • String 
  • Big Integer 
  • Integer 
  • Long 
  • Short 
  • Decimal 
  • Float 
  • Double 
  • Boolean 
  • URI 
  • DateTime 
  • Time 
  • GregorianYear 
  • GregorianMonth 
  • GregorianDay 
  • Day, MonthDay, Month  
  • Duration

There are also a number of SDMX-ML data types which do not have correspondences with common programming languages:

SDMX-ML Data Type 

  • Alpha (common:AlphaType, string which only allows A-z)
  • AlphaNumeric (common:AlphaNumericType, string which only allows A-z and 0-9)
  • BasicTimePeriod (common: BasicTimePeriodType, a union of GregorianTimePeriod and DateTime)
  • Count (xs:integer, a sequence with an interval of "1")
  • ExclusiveValueRange (xs:decimal with the minValue and maxValue facets supplying the bounds)
  • GregorianTimePeriod (common:GregorianTimePeriodType, a union of GregorianYear, GregorianMonth, and GregorianDay)
  • IdentifiableReference (types for each IdentifiableObject)
  • InclusiveValueRange (xs:decimal with the minValue and maxValue facets supplying the bounds)
  • Incremental (xs:decimal with a specified interval; the interval is typically enforced outside of the XML validation)
  • KeyValues (common:DataKeyType)
  • Numeric (common:NumericType, string which only allows 0-9, but is not numeric so that is can having leading zeros)
  • ObservationalTimePeriod (common: ObservationalTimePeriodType, a union of StandardTimePeriod and TimeRange).
  • ReportingDay (common:ReportingDayType)
  • ReportingMonth (common:ReportingMonthType)
  • ReportingQuarter (common:ReportingQuarterType)
  • ReportingSemester (common:ReportingSemesterType)
  • ReportingTimePeriod (common:ReportingTimePeriodType, a union of ReportingYear, ReportingSemester, ReportingTrimester, ReportingQuarter, ReportingMonth, ReportingWeek, and ReportingDay).
  • ReportingTrimester (common:ReportingTrimesterType)
  • ReportingWeek (common:ReportingWeekType)
  • ReportingYear (common:ReportingYearType)
  • StandardTimePeriod (common: StandardTimePeriodType, a union of BasicTimePeriod and TimeRange).
  • TimeRange (common:TimeRangeType, startDateTime + Duration)
  • XHTML (common:StructuredText, allows for multi-lingual text content that has XHTML markup)