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A Provision Agreement is the union of a Dataflow with a Data Provider. A Provision Agreement is a definition that the Data Provider is allowed to provide data for the Dataflow. Data is always reported by a Data Provider against the Provision Agreement.

Provision Agreements 1.jpg

When viewing a Provision Agreement, it is the underlying DSD that is shown, however it is shown in the context of the Provision Agreement and therefore any additional restrictions which have been applied to the Provision Agreement (see section 12 Reporting Constraints) will be reflected in this view.

Provision Agreement Wizard

The Provision Agreement wizard includes the first generic step for information about the Provision Agreement.

The second step requires the selection of both the Dataflow and Data Provider the Provision Agreement is combining. The Dataflow provides the definition of the allowed data. The Data Provider defines which Organisation can report data for the Dataflow.

It is possible to define the data reporting mechanism for that is allowed for this Provision Agreement on the second step of the wizard. The default reporting mechanism is for the Data Provider to supply a URL to an external data file, or SDMX web service.

Note: When viewing a Provision Agreement it is possible to modify the linked data store as shown in the image below.

Provision Agreements 2.jpg

Figure 1 showing the Provision Agreements view, where the details section allows modification to the linked data store