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Excel Command


1.2.6 (24 February 2023)

  • FXLData: Fixed bug returning the incorrect number of series for 'basket' queries (virtual dataflows)
  • FXLData: Fixed bug incorrectly reporting the number of available / retrieved series in the resultset header

Version 1.2.5 (23 February 2023)

  • FXLData: fixed bug in [user]@ syntax handler that mangled the URL if an @ symbol is used in the Dataflow ID for instance
  • Legacy Mode: modified application event handling to make control over automatic calculation more robust
  • Fusion Registry refreshable Excel workbooks: fixed bug preventing workbooks from being refreshed on open

Version 1.2.4 (18 November 2022)

  • FXLData: show the REST data API url in the header
  • FXLData: add 'nocc' client-side REST Argument to restrict the resultset time periods to only those with observation values when startPeriod and / or endPeriod are specified

Version 1.2.3 (14 November 2022)

  • Legacy Mode: bug fix displaying N/A under certain circumstances

Version 1.2.2 (11 November 2022)

  • Legacy Mode: bug fix preventing display of datasets with only a single row

Version 1.2.1 (08 November 2022)

  • Legacy Mode: change automatic calculation option to 'off' by default to address general worksheet performance issues

Version 1.2.0 (05 July 2022)

  • Legacy Mode: add Ribbon function to disable automatic calculation to speed bulk changes to worksheets such as deleting large numbers of cells

Version 1.1.2 (27 June 2022)

  • Wizard: fix dataflow search

Version 1.1.1 (09 June 2022)

  • Refreshable worksheets: modified automatic refresh on open to improve reliability of refreshable worksheets

Version 1.1.0 (30 May 2022)

  • FXLData: Support 'un' parameter to force login on refreshable worksheets

Version 1.0.1 (16 May 2022)

  • FXLData: Fixed invalid availability query syntax when working with Fusion Registry 11 and SDMX 3.0

Version 1.0.0 (13 May 2022)

First Public Release 1.0.1 (16 May 2022)

  • FXLData: Fixed invalid availability query syntax when working with Fusion Registry 11 and SDMX 3.0

Beta Versions

Beta 0.3.3

  • Authentication issues fixed

Beta 0.3.4

  • Modified parameterised variants to allow no dataflow and a dataflow/series key to be specified in the expression

Beta 0.3.5

  • JSON / POST data query support for series baskets

Beta 0.3.6

  • Vertical JSON / POST support

Beta 0.3.7

  • Fixed bug in URL validator which rejected URLs where the host contains hyphens
  • Fixed bug where URL's of the form crash the API call http://@hostname

Beta 0.3.8

  • Add workaround for 'aggregate' queries where the availability query does not return the correct series_count
  • =FXLDataV() now takes the same arguments as =FXLData() to ease switching between horizontal and vertical presentations - some arguments are ignored though

Beta 0.4.0

  • Add ribbon bar Wizard

Beta 0.4.1

  • Wizard: Removed redundant ribbon bar components
  • Wizard: Added dataflow dropdown refresh

Beta 0.4.2

  • Wizard: Added defence against JSON being supplied as a literal Expression value - Excel doesn't support that
  • Wizard: Added tool tips
  • Wizard: Corrected tab order

Beta 0.4.3

  • Wizard: Improved handling of FXLData function execution errors when inserting the function into a sheet

Beta 0.4.4

  • Wizard: Added checks to verify the correct version of Excel is being used (Microsoft 365 Excel Sept 2018 or later)

Beta 0.5.0

  • FXLData / Wizard / Refresh: add support for pre-Excel 2018 'legacy mode' where the result array is iterated and inserting into the cells on ribbon button click

Beta 0.5.1

  • FXLData: Added data query caching to improve performance particularly on legacy refresh where the same query may be executed multiple times

Beta 0.5.2

  • Purge Cache: Added 'Purge Cache' function to the ribbon bar

Beta 0.5.3

  • Legacy Mode: legacy functions now automatically refresh on change without using the Ribbon 'Refresh' emulating the behaviour of normal Excel functions to some extent
  • Legacy Mode: added error handling for stack overflows on legacy 'evaulate' where the formula length exceeds the 255 character limit

Beta 0.5.4

  • Ribbon: Added control over automatic refresh in legacy mode
  • FXLData: Improved caching to avoid caching error results
  • Legacy Mode: Modified application event handling to avoid triggering refresh events where not needed

Beta 0.5.5

  • Wizard: check each Dataflow for access rights before adding to the dropdown to ensure the list only contains Dataflows for which the user has permissions

Beta 0.5.6

  • FXLData: Fixed issues with FXLDaatV returning the incorrect number of series (removed paging which is not relevant for vertical and corrected series calcs when using calculated measures)
  • FXLData: Removed API paging due to limited benefit
  • FXLData: Fixed bug resulting in 'Query Error - 0 series retrieved of 0' due to paging errors
  • Wizard: Query Builder - added clear selection button
  • Wizard: Query Builder - show series count for entire dataflow on initialisation
  • Wizard: Query Builder - removed irrelevant TIME_PERIOD tab
  • Wizard: Added REST arguments syntax help
  • Legacy Mode: Stopped screen updating during refresh to improve performance

Beta 0.5.7

  • Wizard: Query Builder enhanced to grey-out invalid codes as selections are made
  • Wizard: Improved query builder refresh performance
  • Wizard: Improved 'unapplied changes' indicator
  • Wizard: Improved REST API help popup

Beta 0.5.8

  • FXLData: Trap and gracefully handled Registry data query errors that return no data, but result in HTTP 500 and 'Index:0, Size:0' responses
  • Refresh: Added Refresh Sheet option
  • Ribbon: Moved Refresh and Calculations to Ribbon menus

Beta 0.6.0

  • Legacy Mode: Modified legacy mode dynamic array emulation to improve performance to that comparable with actual dynamic arrays (legacyRefreshCell refactor - assign resultset arrary directly to range.value instead of iterating one cell at a time)
  • Legacy Mode: Application events initialised in the FXLData Workbook Open event
  • Legacy Mode: Automatic calculation defaulted on true in the FXLData Workbook Open event which improves reliability by avoiding reliance on ribbon initialisation to perform that task
  • FXLData: Corrected duplication of double quotes where they appear in component labels

Beta 0.6.1

  • Addin: Forces Excel to execute the FXLData formula in cell B2 on workbook open ensuring that refreshable workbooks generated by Fusion Registry refresh as expected on open

Beta 0.7.0

  • FXLData: Fusion Registry 11 support
  • FXLData: Authentication exception handling bug fixed in all four of the fxldata query execution functions - URL h and v, POST h and v
  • FXLData: Added freshness timestamp to the resultset metrics
  • Wizard: Do not show the wizard for FXLDataURL or FXLDataURLV functions as it is designed for use only with the parameterised function variants

Beta 0.7.2

  • FXLData: SDMX 3.0 availability API support

Beta 0.7.3

  • FXLData: Added FXLDataUrlFact() function

Beta 0.7.4

  • FXLDataUrlFact: Added defence against errors caused where the availability query incorrectly indicates data is available, and the data query returns none
  • FXLDataUrlFact: Added gzip accept encoding to XML dataset GET
  • FXLData: Weakened the URL syntax check to avoid FXLDataURL refreshable sheet calls being rejected as bad URL because of spaces in the 'saveAs' parameter

Beta 0.7.5

  • FXLData: Fixed issue preventing refreshable worksheets refreshing on open in legacy mode
  • FXLData: Fixed FXLDataUrlFact bug where the wrong number of output columns was estimated under certain circumstances

Beta 0.7.6

  • Wizard: Added 'Purge Cache on Apply' option
  • Legacy Mode: Fixed bug in legacy mode refresh where resultsets in the same cell on different sheets are deleted on refresh

Beta 0.7.7

  • Legacy Mode: Changed refresh to clear the contents of the range rather than clear all thus preserving user-applied formatting
  • Legacy Mode: Fixed refresh bug which left redundant ranges where a FXLdata formula was moved, deleted or over written
  • Legacy Mode: Changed refresh behaviour to not delete the range content when an FXLData formula is moved, deleted or over written

Beta 0.7.8

  • Legacy Mode: Modified sub legacyRefreshCell() to exit immediately if the cell does not contain an FXLData function
  • FXLData: FXLDATA-2 Vertical presentation fails with an 'subscript out of range' inline error when the resultset has one series

Beta 0.7.9

  • Wizard: Added dataflow quick filter
  • Legacy Mode: Removed the Ribbon Bar option to control automatic refresh on change because setting to 'manual' prevented workbook and sheet refresh because named ranges were not being created
  • Legacy Mode: Fixed 'refreshselectedcell' bug whereby a named range was not being created if the function returns an error thus preventing subsequent workbook and sheet refresh operations

Beta 0.7.10

  • Wizard: Date format syntax help added
  • Wizard: Corrected date format validation bug that reported dates of the form '01/01/2010' as valid
  • Wizard: Corrected bug that incorrectly evaluated date values in existing formulas on wizard startup

Beta 0.7.11

  • Legacy Mode: Changed legacy mode to use 'worksheet' scoped named ranges rather the 'workbook' to avoid confusion when worksheets are duplicated
  • Legacy Mode: Modified legacy refresh to use worksheet.evaluate rather than application.evaluation to ensure formulas run within the correct worksheet context - fixes unexpected workbook refresh results due to the formulas on other worksheets being evaluated in the current worksheet context

Beta 0.7.11

  • FXLData: Bug fix to availability query to correctly set the format=sdmx-2.1 - resolves problem in Fusion Registry 11.0.0 where the query was being rejected with HTTP 406 due to invalid format specifier