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Version 2.3.10 (Released: 2021/03/12)

[FES-83] - Caching issue with Excel (does not differentiate between queries with labels, id, names in the cache check)

Version 2.3.9 (Released: 2020/11/05)

[FES-82] - REST: Available constraint - all keyword on component Id returns empty constraint

Version 2.3.6 (Released: 2020/09/15)

New Feature
[FES-79] - Support new REST query filters to perform Aggregation, Interpolation, New Measures, Frequency Conversion, Round
[FES-80] - New Data Format: CSV DUMP
[FES-81] - Add configuration option to disable data cache
[FES-78] - Data Query - Accept-Encoding: identity intermittent HTTP 500 error on Tomcat 7.x

Version 2.3.4 (Released: 2020/07/01)

New Feature
[FES-73] - Support trailing commas in CSV output
[FES-74] - Add support for Groups in SDMX CSV
[FES-75] - Add support for Groups in SDMX-JSON
[FES-76] - Output CSV datasets with trailing commas when no values reported
[FES-77] - CSV-Series per Column, support output of attributes

Version 2.3.3 (Released: 2020/05/13)

[FES-70] - Support correct VND Header for JSON Structures

Version 2.3.2 (Released: 2020/05/11)

New Feature
[FES-69] Support CORS Policy configuation

Version 2.3.0 (Released: 2020/05/04)

New Feature
[FES-67] - Add include/exclude ByteOrderMark (BOM) to CSV default property to properties file
[FES-66] - Server 500 when includeMetata - Duplicate 'singleton' beans created though proxy interfaces to @Configurable managers
Remove redundant libraries

Version 2.2.0 (Released: 2020/04/23)

New Feature
[FES-59] Align with Fusion Registry 10.3.0 to support Fusion Data Browser

Version 2.1.0

New Feature
[FES-54] - Support Plus Operator in REST Query to support multiple agency/maintainable/version/item selections as per updated SDMX web services specification
[FES-48] - Query for specific Code with parent Constraints is not returning expected constraint
[FES-49] - API Tests - detail=referencepartial not working for concept schemes
[FES-51] - Query for data only includes Groups and should not
[FES-52] - Query for specific code with references=contentconstraint should return constraint(s) that constrain the code
[FES-53] - Support detail 'serieskeysonly','dataonly','nodata' and Groups for CSV data
[FES-55] - Unsupported Accept header should return HTTP 406 (currently 501)
[FES-56] - Query for "dataonly" should not return dataset-level attributes
[FES-57] - Querying for illegal Dimension At Observation should return HTTP 400 rather than HTTP 500
[FES-58] - Dimension at Observation should return 501 when used inappropriately in a data query

Version 2.0.1 (Released: 2019/05/10)

Bug Fix:
[FES-41] - Corrected regression when loading old file

Version 2.0 (Released: 2019/05/10)

New Feature:
[FES-40] - Support Delta Dataset Publications from Fusion Registry 9.6.2