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The General Settings function is available to logged-in users and found on the Server Settings menu.

Server URL

This is the full URL path which is used to access the registry, examples:





ip address:

Registry Name

The name entered here will appear on the banner, next to the Registry logo.

Sender ID

This field enables you to set a value which will appear in any structure file that you have export. It forms part of the SDMX header.

Support Email

If this field contains an email address, at the bottom of every page in the Registry you will see the button below:

Email Support Button

Provided there is an email client available, when this button is clicked, an email will be created with the "To" address pre-populated with the email address entered here. You can read more about Subscribing to changes in this article.

Support URL

At the bottom of every page in the Registry you will see the button below if this field contains a valid URL.

Access Support Website Button

When this button is clicked, the URL will open in a new browser tab.

You might wish to enter the address of this wiki:

Default Agency

On installation, the 'Default Agency' will be SDMX however once you had added other Agencies you might want to change the default as shown in the image below.

When a new structure is created, the system will assume that it 'belongs' to (owned by) the default Agency specified here.

Whilst you can override this at the structure level, if you are creating lots of structures for a specific Agency it is much quicker to change the default agency before doing so (and reduces operator error as it is easy to forget to change the Agency).