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The Debug Settings function is available to logged-in users and found on on the Server Settings menu.

It allows an administrator to specify the debug levels on the Server side of the Registry.

Unless you have good reason to modify this setting, it is recommended to set the Server Side Debug set to “Low” or “Warn”.

The Server Side Debugging control affects how much information is stored in the Registry logs on the server side. This pertains to how the Java code is logged by the logging managers. The four values are:

  • Warn – Only log levels of WARN or ERROR are recorded in the logs.
  • Low – the default setting. Only log levels of INFO or above (WARN, ERROR, etc.) are recorded in the logs.
  • Medium – All libraries pertaining to Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) will be logged at DEBUG level. All other libraries will be at INFO level.
  • High – Everything is logged at DEBUG level, including all third-party libraries.

Please note that changing this setting to High or Medium could introduce a performance impact. This is because logging information is persisted to files and to the database and so almost every interaction with the Registry could be affected. Modifying this setting is therefore only recommended if there is good reason to do so.

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