Java encryption key - setting unlimited length

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Releases of the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) prior to 1.8.0_151 require a change to their default security policy configuration to support the 256-bit AES encryption used by the Fusion products for sensitive data.

If an Encryption Failed - Illegal key size or default parameters error is reported, change to a different Java implementation such as Amazon Corretto 8, or follow the procedure below to modify the Oracle Java security policy to support encryption keys of unlimited length.



1. Shutdown the Java web application server - e.g. Tomcat

2. In JAVA_HOME, search for the file

JAVA_HOME is the directory where the Java software is installed. A typical directory tree is shown below:


3. Find the file

It should be under the jre/lib/security directory

4. Set crypto.policy to unlimited in

Edit the file and search for an entry like:


Uncomment this line by removing the #


Save the file

5. Restart the Java web application server