Fusion Registry Editions

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Fusion Registry 10 comes in three editions:

  • Data Essentials - a free to use version suitable for personal use or simple use cases.
  • Enterprise - a paid-for fully-featured SDMX data and metadata solution suitable for production deployment and sophisticated use cases.
  • Cloud - the Enterprise Edition delivered as a fully-managed cloud service.

Functionality Comparision

Data Essentials Enterprise Cloud
Data Collection Limited to one data provider Full Full
Data Integration Registry managed SQL data stores only Full Externally managed SQL datastores not supported
Data Storage Registry managed SQL data stores only Full Full
Data Structural Validation Full Full Full
Data Business Rules Validation Arithmetric rules only Full Full
Data Structural Transformation Full Full Full
Data Calculations No Full Full
Data Conversion Full Full Full
Data Query Execution Engine Full Full Full
Mapped Datasets Full Full Full
Reference Metadata No Full Full
Audit No Full Full
Content Security No Full Full
Extended REST API Full Full Full