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Fusion Registry version 10.8.0 supports the use of HTTP Forward Proxies. This feature allows particular network requests to be made via a user-defined proxy.

Specifying a Proxy

Forward Proxies can be specified on the settings page: Server Settings -> Forward Proxies

A proxy is defined by:

  • The Domain to use the proxies for. A Domain may have wildcards specified by an asterisk (*). E.g. *
  • The host of the proxy to use
  • The port of the proxy
  • The user ID to use for authentication on the proxy - this is optional.
  • The password to use for authentication on the proxy - this is optional.

Note: Do not specify http or https when specifying either the domain or proxy


Error #1

Registry reports:

Can not make connection to URL: <<< a url >>>
Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required"

Possible causes:

  • Your authentication has not been specified or has been specified incorrectly.
  • The tunnelling needs to disable BASIC authentication. Apply the following to your Java environment and restart the Registry:

For further information refer to: