Data Reporting Template Web Services

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Create Reporting Template

Submit the file to the Fusion Registry SDMX POST web service, the syntax is as follows: GET ws/public/reporttemplate/provider/create/{agencyId}/{templateId}/{version}/{providerAgencyId}/{providerId}

List Reporting Templates

The following web service will list all the Reporting Templates for the authenticated user. ws/public/reporttemplate/provider/templates

   "urn" : "templateurn",
   "providers" : ["urn1", "urn2"]

Retrieve Worksheet Passwords

Returns only passwords for Agency or Sub Agencies if not admin ws/secure/settings/reporttemplate/retrievePasswords

Update Worksheet Passwords

Admin/Agency Updates only the passwords sent in, can only save passwords for their agency ws/secure/settings/reporttemplate/updatePasswords { "BIS" : "password", "BIS.DISS" : "password", "ECB" : "password" }

Retrieve Observation Limit


Set Observation Limit


Remove Security

Allows any user to create a excel workbook for any report template / data provider. When this is false, the user must authenticate, and must be either: a) Admin (can create a excel workbook for any report template / data provider) b) Agency (can create any workbook they own) c) Data Provider (can create any workbook relevant to them) ws/secure/settings/reporttemplate/setSecurityDisabled

Check if Security is Disabled

Purpose: ws/secure/settings/reporttemplate/isSecurityDisabled