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Version 2.5 (2022-07-15)

Bug fixes
[FT-51] - Correct Issue with "forceTimeFormatSeriesAttr"

Version 2.2 (2022-05-12)

[FT-47] - New argument in DataParser to specify group name when processing EDI data files
[FT-46] - Fusion Transformer now uses io.sdmx codebase

Version 2.1 (2021-10-01)

[FT-45] - Issue where "edi_tf_attr" mode does not output Time Format on all series
[FT-44] - Some errors produced by Transformer are codes without human readable explanation
[FT-43] - Quieten Stack Trace when "illegal" Contact ID specified in EDI file

Version 2.0 (2021-06-29)

[FT-35] - Support Reading and Writing of SDMX CSV
[FT-36] - Support Reading and Writing of SDMX JSON

Version 1.28 (2021-04-23)

[FT-34] - Add "Create EDI Time Format Series Attribute" mode

Version 1.27 (2021-01-21)

[FT-33] - Add feature to Unify Monthly Data
[FT-32] - Weekly SDMX 2.1 data must always be output always as 2 digits
[FT-31] - Custom Replacement of Characters
[FT-30] - Add Pretty-Print output to Structure and Data Transformations

Version 1.26 (2020-04-20)

[FT-25] Support EDI Lenient for Data Reading and Data Writing
[FT-27] EDI Leniency mode to support non-coded dimensions

Version 1.25 (2019-02-15)

[FT-24] Support Upgrade Groups from SDMX v2.0 to v2.1

Version 1.23 (2016-11-02T16:36:20Z)

Now uses SdmxSource
"Test" is now output in EDI header if is a test message

Version 1.22 (2016-10-07T15:18:13Z)

Now uses SdmxSource
Generated XML files now declare UTF-8 in the header.
"EDI Lenient" mode will output referenced codelists and concepts in the same agency as the referring structure

Version 1.21 (20160609-1720)

Now uses SdmxSource
Corrected an issue handling the question mark character in EDI files

Version 1.20 (20160602-1523)

Now uses SdmxSource
Corrected another issue with EDI generation

Version 1.19 (20160523-1802)

Now uses SdmxSource
Corrected an issue with EDI generation

Version 1.18 (20151127-1405)

Added EDI-LENIENT as an option for structure output.

Version 1.17 (20150714-1330)

Corrected an issue with bi-annual observation dates in SDMX 2.0

Version 1.16 (20150713-1000)

Fixed an issue with incorrect truncation of EDI observation values.

Version 1.15 (20150324-1419)

Fixed an issue with bi-annual dates.
Now uses SdmxSource 1.5.6

Version 1.14 (20150303-1008)

PRE_BREAK_VALUE is now treated the same way as OBS_PRE_BREAK.
Now uses SdmxSource 1.5.3

Version 1.13 (20141110-0958)

Addressed an issue with the DTM segment and invalid date.
Now uses SdmxSource 1.4.1

Version 1.12 (20141031-1656)

Now uses SdmxSource 1.4

Version 1.11 (20141001-1353)

Creating SDMX version 1.0 should not create dates in quarterly format
(YYYY-Qq) but rather monthly format (YYYY-MM)
Now uses SdmxSource 1.3.11

Version 1.10 (20140929-1338)

Fixed issue where it was possible to create invalid DSI Segments
Now uses SdmxSource 1.3.10

Version 1.9 (20140827-1043)

Fixed issue with IDE+10+message-id' putting the Name in the Sender rather than the Name Field of the Header.
Now uses SdmxSource 1.3.4

Version 1.8 (20140429-1645)

Now uses SdmxSource 1.2.7

Version 1.7 (20140227-1705)

Warns when creating an EDI file if there are multiple observations for the same time period
Fixed issue with exponent and plus symbol with EDI characters
Implemented "truncate" function so EDI decimal values over 15 characters are rounded to 15 characters
Now uses SdmxSource 1.1.5

Version 1.6 (20140217-1649)

Fixed issue with "empty" Footnote section of EDI file.
Fixed issue with empty attributes causing invalid EDI syntax.
Fixed CONF_STATUS issue where it should have been synonymous with OBS_CONF
Fixed TIME_FORMAT appearing in attributes section
Now uses SdmxSource 1.1.3

Version 1.5 (20130621-1812)

Fixed a number of errors with DataSet attributes.
Fixed error causing inconsistent frequencies which was due to caching of dates.
Now uses SdmxSource 0.9.33

Version 1.4 (20130507-1525)

Multiple datasets were being lost when transforming from SDMX-ML to SDMX-EDI.
Now uses SdmxSource 0.9.27

Version 1.3 (20130425-0953)

Fixed an issue where the FNS Segment was not being output for EDI messages.
Fixed an issue where a 12 hour clock was being used instead of a 24 hour clock
Now uses SdmxSource 0.9.26

Version 1.2 (20130410-1605)

Added command line are -tf which removes the TIME_FORMAT attribute from the data structure before transforming data (EDI only)

Version 1.1 (20130405-1026)

EDI delete message bug fix, where the deleted artifact is the sibling group

Version 1.0 (20130204-1056)

First public release.