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General security behaviour is set in the General section of the Server Security menu. Only the Root user or Admin users can access this area.


Server Security

This setting configures whether Registry content is publicly accessible or if all users are required to log in. The options are:

  • Public – Open Access: Users can browse unrestricted content as guests without needing to log in. When operating in this mode, guest user activity will be logged as ‘anonymous’ in the Fusion Registry trails.
  • Private – Authenticated Only: All pages are restricted to authenticated users only, this could be a user of any type (Data Consumer, Data Provider, Agency, Admin). Once the Registry is in this mode, all unauthorised requests to the Registry will result in the login page being returned. The Authentication can be implemented using the Fusion Security application or Active Directory.

Data Validation

Data Validation Restrictions refers to the Data Load page and the data validation and transformation web services. The options are:

  • Public – Open Access: Allows any user to load data, and call these web services.
  • Protected – Load URL Restricted: Allows users to load files, but prevents users from loading data from a URL.
  • Private - Authenticated Only: Restricts data load operations to Admin, Agency and Data Providers.

Data Reporting

The Data Reporting security setting controls whether all Provision Agreements and their associated data are publicly accessible, or each whether each Provision Agreement is visible only to its Data Provider. The options are:

  • Public – All Provision Agreements Visible: All users can view Provision Agreements and related datasets without first authenticating.
  • Private – Provision Agreements and Related Data Visible to Providers Only: Provision Agreements and related datasets can only be viewed by the Data Provider to which the Provision is assigned. Agency users can view all Provision Agreements that they own. Admin users can view all Provision Agreements.