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SDMX statistical data engine and structural metadata registry.

This is the main engine at the heart of all Fusion-based SDMX systems providing data collection, integration, processing, storage, query execution and time-series calculation services.
Its integrated SDMX structural metadata registry acts as the central repository, authoring and maintenance tool for all of the structures including Codelists, Concepts and Data Structure Definitions.

Key Use Cases

  • Statistical data warehouse
  • Collecting and integrating data from multiple data providers
  • Data dissemination - Fusion Registry's SDMX-compliant REST API is suitable for driving a range of dissemination services
  • Authoring, maintaining and storing SDMX structural metadata
  • Validating SDMX data prior to submission to another organisation
  • Converting data between different formats (SDMX to SDMX, non-SDMX to SDMX, SDMX to non-SDMX)
  • Transforming the structure of data to different dimensionality and coding schemes using SDMX Structure Mapping (for instance, map a dataset to a simplier DSD with fewer dimensions suitable for publication)
  • Transforming single-dimension FAME series into multi-dimensional SDMX series
  • Authoring and maintaining reference metadata