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The Fusion Data Browser is a web application made up of HTML, JavaScript, Images, and CSS files.

The Fusion Data Browser gets all of it's information using the web services of the product it is attached to (Fusion Registry or Fusion Edge Server) - to put it simply, when the Data Browser launches, it knows how to generate the right URLs to fetch the information it needs, when the browser needs more information from the server (such as a dataset for a Pie Chart) it generates another URL which links to the information it needs. So the User Interface can be thought of, very simply, as a URL generator, and response renderer.

Because the Fusion Data Browser is simply text files primarily of HTML and JavaScript, it does not need installation in the typical sense, where an install wizard is launched and various things are written to your computer's internal registry (not to be confused with the Fusion Registry!). The Fusion Data Browser can be launched by simply double clicking on the index.html file after configuring it, this will open a web browser and attempt to talk to your Registry or Edge server. However, this is not the recommended approach, it is quite possible your web browser requests are rejected due to CORS settings.

The recommended approach is to host the Fusion Data Browser on the same domain as your Fusion Registry, for example if your Registry is accessed via then the data browser could be accessed via, this will eliminate any potential CORS issues. If your Fusion Registry is hosted via Apache Tomcat, then you can simply copy and paste the Fusion Data Browser folder into the webapps folder of tomcat. Whatever your folder is called that has the data browser will be what goes in your URL of the web browser, for example Tomcat/webapps/DataBrowser will be accessed via http(s)//localhost:8080/DataBrowser. The Data Browser can be hosted on any server capable of hosting HTML and JavaScript, it does not need to be Apache Tomcat.

Installation Steps

  1. Copy Fusion Data Browser folder to your web application server (example Apache or Tomcat)
  2. Configure the Fusion Data Browser using a text editor or JSON editor such as Brackets
  3. Open your web browser, and go to the index.html file of the Fusion Data Browser to view the results!