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The Fusion Data Mapper is a web application made up of HTML, JavaScript, Images, and CSS files.


The Fusion Data Mapper should be hosted by a web server, such as Apache, IIS, or Apache Tomcat. To ensure there are no CORS issues, the recommended approach is to host the Fusion Data Mapper on the same domain as your Fusion Registry. If your Registry is accessed via then the data mapper could be accessed via If your Fusion Registry is hosted via Apache Tomcat, then you can simply copy and paste the Fusion Data Mapper folder into the webapps folder of tomcat. Whatever your folder is called that has the data mapper will be what goes in your URL of the web browser, for example Tomcat/webapps/DataMapper will be accessed via http(s)//localhost:8080/DataMapper. The Data DataMapper can be hosted on any server capable of hosting HTML and JavaScript, it does not need to be Apache Tomcat.


The Fusion Data Mapper gets all of it's information using the Fusion Registry web services and as such the only configuration required is to tell the Fusion Data Mapper where the Fusion Registry is.

Edit the file under location so that it is pointing to your Fusion Registry server:


Multilingual Support

The locales array in this siteconfig.json file refer to which languages will be supported in the User Interface, allowing the user to change language. The Fusion Data Mapper obtains locale specific text from two sources:

1. The Fusion Registry metadata. If the Fusion Registry contains a Dataflow with a name in English and French, for example, then the Data Mapper will display the French version IF the Locale has been added to siteconfig and the user has selected this language in the User Interface.

2. The Fusion Data Mapper language file. The Fusion Data Mapper contains many labels in the User Interface, for example the Login button has the text 'Login' on the button, the login form displays the labels 'Username' and 'Password'. These labels all come from the file browser_lang_en.json when the language is set to 'en', if the language is set to 'fr' then the Data Mapper looks for the file browser_lang_fr.json. The Fusion Data Mapper is only distributed with the English labels, however the possiblility to add labels in other languages is achieved by copying this file, and changing the text accordingly.

Installation Steps - Summary

  1. Copy Fusion Data Mapper folder to your web application server (example Apache or Tomcat)
  2. Edit dist/properties/siteconfig.json to point to the public URL of your Fusion Registry
  3. Open your web browser, navigate to the index.html file of the Fusion Data Mapper