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Views provide option filters that can be applied to Schedules. It is possible for more then one Schedule to reference the same view. All Dataflows for the Schedule will have the view applied during the data extract process. If a View contains a Dimenison Id which does not exist for a Dataflow, it will not be included in the filter. Views are created manually in JSON format in the views directory of the ETL Server Directory.

A View can refer to one or more Dimensions (with the exception of TIME_PERIOD which is not a valid View Dimension) and each Dimension may provide one or more values.

View files are read on Tomcat server startup, and can be refreshed by re-starting the service.

View File Contents

The view file is in JSON format. Each view is maintained in its own file, the name of the file does not matter. The files must be created under the view folder of the ETL Server Directory.

  • Id is a local identifier, used by the Schedule to refer to the View
  • Filters provides any number of filters, the Key is the DSD Dimension Id, the value is an array of values for the Dimension
   "Id": "ANNUAL",
   "Filters": {
       "FREQ": ["A"]