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The responsibility of the ETL Server is to publish data to a Fusion Registry instance, as such the Fusion Registry need to be configured to accept a data publication from the ETL server.

The Fusion Registry must contain the required metadata for data publications including (and not limited to)

  • Data Structure Definition (describing the data in terms of it's dimensionality and attributes)
  • Dataflow (the data collection)
  • Data Provider (the ETL server will act as the Data Provider)
  • Provision Agreement (linking the Data Provider to the Dataflow)

Once the Fusion Registry has this metadata, a license can be generated for a specific Data Provider. This license is to be used by the ETL server, it contains amongst other things the following information:

  1. Where the Fusion Registry is located (URL)
  2. Which Data Provider license is for
  3. Authentication details that can be used against the Fusion Registry server

The license file is generated in the Fusion Registry under the Reporting Node page.


The ETL server requires the license file to be placed in the ETL file system under the registries directory.

License File

Showing an example Fusion Registry connection with the Dataflows from the registry shown in the Dataflow Mapping menu

Contents and Security

The information in the license file is encrypted with Public Key cryptography. The ETL server can only decrypt a small portion of the license file, enough to know where the Fusion Registry server is. The Fusion Registry contains the information required to decrypt the rest of the license file, and as such the ETL server needs the Fusion Registry server to be running and accesible in order to decrypt the information.

License Authentication

The ETL server will ask the Fusion Registry to authenticate the license on application startup and release the information required to decrypt the remainder of the file. If the ETL server is not able to authenitcate the file, then the Fusion Registry server will not be used.

To reattempt authentication after the ETL server is started, click on the Server Status menu item and restart the License service (or restart all services to ensure the services that rely on Registry metadata start correctly). This will re-read all the licenses in the registries directory and re-authenticate each one with the target Fusion Registry instance.

License Post Authentication

When a license has been authenticated, the ETL server will know which Data Provider it is for the target Fusion Registry instance. The ETL server will request all Dataflows and Provision Agreements for the Data Provider, this will exclude any Dataflows which the Data Provider has not got a Provision Agreement for.

The ETL server will refresh its copy of metadata from the Fusion Registry server on a daily basis based on the following Cron expression: 0 0 0 ? * * *