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The ETL Server provides a robust error handling framework, to ensure errors are captured, audited, with notifications sent through a number of channels. One such channel is the email notification channel. To be able to subscribe to eror events, the ETL server must be configured to use an SMTP email server. This is achieved through the user interface. The subscriptions themselves are manually created in the subscription/error folder of the ETL Server Directory. Each file in this directory contains a subscription for a single email address, and can include specific error events to subscribe to or ignore. The ETL User Interface lists all of the error events which are captured and a description of each event. This is a dynamic list which may change on each ETL server release.

Showing Error Services

Showing Publication Error Service Details

Error Subscription

The subscription file contains the following properties:

  • Email Required. The email address to notify
  • Services Optional. An array of service Ids to either include or exclude from notifications. If Services is not present, all error events will be subscribed to.
  • Exclude Optional. If true the array of Services is taken as the list of Services to subscribe to. If false the array is taken as the list to ignore events for. The default value is false.
   "Email": "",
   "Services": ["APPLICATION_START"],
   "Exclude": true

Many of the error services relate to processes that are run on application startup, including reading configuration files and ensuring connectivity to external services (Fusion Registry and Database).

Subscribing to Failed Publications

The following services should be subscribed to in order to be notified for any data publication failure.