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The ETL Server requires a readonly database connection in order to pull data for the data publication process. The database can be Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL. The tables and columns from the database are mapped to a Dataflow by creating the Dataflow Mapping configuration files.

Add Database

The Database is set up through the User Interfaceof the ETL server, under the Server Status menu item.


The following database connection URLs are supported:


  • jdbc:mysql:// - MY SQL Connection Prefix



  • jdbc:oracle:thin:@ - Oracle Connection Prefix

Showing an example Oracle database connection

SQL Server

  • jdbc:sqlserver:// - SQL Server Connection Prefix

The connection details are saved to the ETL file system, with the password encrypted by the ETL serer before save.

On successful save, the navigation menu on the left will be updated to display the ID of the database connection.

Dbconnections menu.png

Clicking on this menu item will show the database tables and views which the ETL system has access to in the connected database.

The connection definition is saved to the dbconnections folder in the ETL Server Directory in JSON format. The database password is encrypted using AES-256 encryption.