Data Essentials - Connect to the data schema

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Connecting to your 'Data' Database

Login and select Admin from the Home Page menu.

The Data Sources Manager page will open, select the tool icon and then click Add


Enter the details as shown below


Field Name Notes
Connection Id Enter a descriptive name
Connection Type For Data Essentials, only Registry Managed is permitted
Database Platform MySQL, Oracle and My SQL are supported
Connection Settings For Data Essentials, use Simple
Database Server for example localhost
Database Port for a localhost installation - 3306
Database Schema The id as used in your database (example my-structures)
Database Username This is NOT the root/master Username for logging to the Registry, it is the Username on the database application
Database Password This is NOT the root/master Password for logging to the Registry, it is the Password on the database application

When done, click Connect and the system will establish a connection to the database.